Plant Based Beverages

The consumers are more conscious about health and wellness than before, so they are opting for plant-based beverages. The plant-based products are categorized into two types; namely, plant-based alternatives and plant-focused. The plant-based alternatives include milk, meat, ice cream, and yogurt. Plant-focused products include fruits and vegetables. This category includes products like spreads, toppings, dressings, and plant-based snacks. The plant-based beverages include juices, ready-to-drink beverages, and juices.
As the customers became more aware of their health, they prefer the products that are natural and healthy without compromising on the taste and flavor of the product. Due to the change in eating habits and overall change in lifestyle, the people are dealing with various health issues like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. These health issues inclined the customers towards plant-based products, including plant-based beverages, as they provide more nutritional value, minerals, and healthy fats as compared to animal-driven alternatives. The customer is attracted to consuming healthy and natural without compromising on the taste and flavor of the product.
Another driving force for the increase in demand for plant-based beverages is a growing consumer trend for vegan/vegetarian/flexitarian diets. People are adopting restrictive diets. They are focusing more on plant-based drinks. The people are opting for flexitarian diets and polo diets which are consumer choices for greater well-being. 
Due to the significant rise in cases of lactose intolerances and food allergies, the consumers remain diet conscious, the demand for plant-based beverages is increasing. 
Taking into consideration the changing pattern of consumer diets, preference for a healthy diet for a better lifestyle, the manufactures are trying to update their inventories with more and more plant-based products like beverages. 

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