Specialty Fats Market Trends

During the last decades, people are more aware of the health hazards caused due to intake of saturated fats. People are opting for a healthy lifestyle and nutritious food to minimize the risk associated with body cholesterol. People are opting for specialty fats and oils. The most common sources of cocoa butter alternatives are the shea and palm oil derivatives. Manufacturers are investing considerable funds in creating healthier and new options ranging from hump fat to mango seed. 
Increasing demand for filing, chocolates, confectionery items, infant food, and ice creams are escalating the demand for specialty fats markets. Another reason for the rise in need for specialty fats is a vast demand for fried food. 

Bakery fats used to improve taste, texture, richness, and flakiness to bakery products like pastries, bread, biscuits, and others. Another advantage of the use of bakery fats is health benefits, along with better profitability. Specialty fats are used in the manufacturing of infant foods, processed food, confectioneries, and bakery products. 
Specialty fats are used in chocolates which are popular among children and adults due to its exotic flavors. Dark chocolates are famous for moderate nutrients and stress reliever.  
Based on the product type, the market is bifurcated into specialty fats and specialty oils. Various types of specialty oils are available like cottonseed oil, palm oil, soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, and many more. Similarly, the specialty fats available are synthetic cocoa butter fat, cocoa butter substitute, dairy fat replacers, cocoa butter replacers, human milk butter substitute, butter oil substitute, spray oil, cocoa butter equivalent, and many more. The share in specialty oil is captured by palm oil, followed by soybean oil. Palm oil is bleached, refined, and deodorized to extract specialty fats. Soybean oil is famous for its compositions and full availability. 
Based on the form of specialty fats, the market is bifurcated into dry and liquid fats. To maintain the palatability and quality of food products, and to obtain optimum fat content, the customers are opting for dry oils. 

The specialty market is growing at a fast pace due to the increasing awareness in the customers about health hazards occurred by saturated oils. Customers are opting for specialty oils and fats for better nutritive value, to reduce body cholesterol levels and ultimately to enhance the quality of life.
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